Scam Alert!

Relatives often post photos of missed AFU soldiers and their own contact details in various social networks. Not a big secret, actually. A bit less known fact is that it greatly helps various scammers to target their attacks.

In the past few weeks we observed a surge of similar requests in our @wartearsbot. Bunches of "close friends" of wealthy Ukrainian ladies (who now mostly stay out of Ukraine) have literally attacked us with messages. These "close friends" ask for photos and videos of the captured "because without it soldiers could not be put onto the exchange list". This is definitely a lie.

To get information on captured relatives, or even more so, to put them on exchange list, does not require any sort of evidence of capture. Moreover, such evidence acquired from the other side of the conflict might be treated as cooperation with the enemy and collaborationism.

But scammers do not actually care. The seek only to get the material they could then sell to the relatives as an exclusive information.

Если Вы заметили неточную или устаревшую информацию - сообщите нам пожалуйста!