Open Data: Archive

After we opened the API to access open data, we got a lot of feedback that the REST API is inconvenient if one want to analyse the entire dataset. Addressing that here.

Now in addition to the API we present a daily snapshot of the dataset available on:

The snapshot contains all the data which are available through the API, but now in a zip archive with 4 csv files. The snapshot is updated on the daily basis.

The archive contains 4 files:

  • records.csv - Records about individual persons and organisations. Each record contains the date of the last update, one or more names, and a short note with all the public info we managed to find. Records may be marked with tags (for the full list of tags refer to tags.csv below).
  • tags.csv - List of tags which can be used to mark records. Due to limited translation we're using Russian names. Feel free to use any translation service. The most importan though are "Погиб" (dead) and "в плену" (captured). Some other may refer to more specific cases, like "Еленовка" ("Olenivka", the known location where a lot of members of Azov and of 36 marine brigate are held captured).
  • relationships.csv - Relationships between persons and organisations. For instance it could be who serves where, which organisation is a part of which, etc. There are a few kinds of relationships described in relationship_kinds.csv (see below). Overall relationships describe an oriented graph of social and command structure of AFU and organisations supporting AFU.
  • relationship_kinds.csv - A list of relationship kinds.

Please be noted, records.csv contains more than a hundred thousand records. Hence we highly recommend to use scripts to work with it and not try to open in some table processor like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel - those most likely won't work.

Если Вы заметили неточную или устаревшую информацию - сообщите нам пожалуйста!